Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camping at Warren Dunes State Park

This past weekend Mommy surprised me when she said, "Come on, Coco! We're going camping."

Arrroooo!! I couldn't have been happier.

So off we were. The whole gang. Mommy, Daddy, Gabie and me. That's the gang.

It was a nice, long ride to Michigan. We got there late. So we set up and went to sleep. The next day we got started. Here I am looking for any goodies on the picnic bench.

Here I am diggin' for gold! I guess you can call me a gold digger.

Here I am guarding our campsite. That was my job. Someone's gotta watch the pack, right? Especially in the wild! Heeheehee.

We went to the beach during our trip. We spent most of the day there. Gabie loves the water. I tried to go swimming but the water was not to my liking. It was too cold.

Here I am enjoying the moment. Ah, what a sweet life.

Gabie, is that marshmallow for me?? I managed to get a bite. I love camping! I can't wait to go again!