Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome to my blog!!!

My name is Coco. Not Cocoa, but Coco for coconut. Suits me well I say. I was born on March 14 of this year and came to live with my new family 2 and a half weeks ago. It was hard to leave my birth mommy but I love my new pack, but sometimes I still don't understand their language. They are a crazy bunch but I guess I am too! I like chasing Button the cat, he's a lot of fun to jump on! He's got the biggest, furriest tail I've ever seen! I also love to go out and explore this new world I live in now! So far, my mommy and daddy have taken me and my human brother Gabriel to three parks. Mostly I spend a lot of my time napping cuz that's what babies do and that's what I am! Speaking of naps, I better go take one now. Talk to you laterz!